How Beginners Can Easily Determine The Best Career Option In Programming Language

By ridhigrg |Email | Mar 4, 2019 | 6363 Views

So here you can easily get help in choosing the best programming language career and you will be able to choose one without any complications.
It sounds like quite a simple question but really the answer is not that straight forward. Learning a language depends on a number of factors and here this article will take you through the best opinion of which language should be best for you. You know what best language means, is it the most popular language, is it the language where you be most likely to find a job, is it the language that leads to a job that pays the most, is it the language that is easiest to learn.
You know or is it the language that's the best tool for the job that you need to do. So there are quite a few measures as to what the best language is and you know depending on what you need that will vary according to you. 

Getting hired by one of the big software companies requires two things:
1. Getting chosen for an interview.
2. Passing the interview.
In the ideal case, you know the same programming language as the people who will evaluate you technically. Your experience is compelling enough that you are chosen to be interviewed. Your approach to problem solving and coding is crystal clear, and since the interview is fluent in the programming language you use, they can admire your handiwork and be duly impressed.

In a more typical case, the interviewer knows several programming languages and is best at one. The candidate knows at least one language the interviewer knows.
For example, I might be best at C++, but I can still interview someone who is best at Java or C#. I would have a much harder time interviewing someone who insists on using PERL. It would be impossible for me to interview someone who used Haskell or Smalltalk: I would not be able to evaluate their approach, the elegance of what they write, and so on.

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The best programming language to get a job at any big software company will depend upon the group you are interviewing with. At Amazon some groups use C++, some use Java, some use PHP or Ruby, and so on. It would not be the same language for all of Amazon, but you are probably safe using Java for services and devices, and PHP/javascript for front end stuff.
Knowing a similar language is good enough. Not being able to communicate with the interviewer in a shared style of language is a fail.
In general, you are safe knowing Java, C#, or C++ for any non-front end position at a big software company.

A final caution: Do not waste time learning the language that the company is using for the group you want to go to just for that purpose: you will not be good enough at it, and will hurt rather than help your chances. Instead, continue growing in the language you are best with, and show what a great coder and problem solver you are in the interview.

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