Which one to Choose Machine Learning or Blockchain?

By ridhigrg |Email | Feb 7, 2019 | 32706 Views

In this video, we will discuss how to you select a technology for your future. A few years back, you know it was very easy to select a technology because we were having limited options. We were having cloud computing, then we were having Android development, then we were having web development and then things were a bit easy. Now part of the development we were having testing, we were having the support work.
So if you are interested in testing, of course, you will go for testing, if you have interested in development again in that option we have let's say if you love mobile phones or if you want to work in a consumer market, you may go for an Android or web development. If you want to go for the enterprise market, of course, you will work on some advanced frameworks. But now this year, things are a bit difficult, because we have so many options. A big thanks to new terms like blockchain, machine learning, what to select right now. This two are very hot now machine learning and blockchain most of the people, they are moving towards machine learning because it sounds great and then people who are not familiar with blockchain there are certain companies who are promoting blockchain Lord and that's why people are moving towards that as well.

How do you know which is best suited for you? The most common question people ask and it's really difficult to answer because if somebody will suggest you for blockchain or for Android and it does not match your taste or does not suit you. Because everyone has a different background and way of thinking is also different towards technology and you might be having something to spend. For example, if you are a hardcore Android developer I cannot simply ask you to go for machine learning it may not suit you-you can excel in Android itself right.

So how do you select something not towards this question we have a very simple sentence which is Be a jack of all and master of one, because no one can ask you to do something example if someone says go for machine learning, how do you know it will suit you so the best option is to learn everything. Because we have so many wide options, we have machine learning, we have blocked, we have cloud computing, we have Android, we have that development and then there are so many options. So the best way is if you are a beginner, you should always start with everything. So learn everything in a small format, not an entire subject or not the entire topic in a small way.

So let's say for one week or 15 days go for Android, learn Android basics and see if this clicking you. It may not trick you on the same day or in the same week maybe after some time you know your brain works in that way, so if you consume a lot of data all these things become fragments and then after some time things get connected enough.

So learn Android for 15 days, learn Java for 15 days, learn Python for 15 days, in fact learning Java Python and JavaScript is no more a luxury.  Nowadays it has become an unnecessary example if you want to go for machine learning, you should be knowing Python and if you want to go for the enterprise market, you should be knowing Java. So by the weight, you know what I will learn Python, after five years or one year it's very easy. Make sure that your basics are a clear example, the way you learn to match the way you learn different subjects, learn a language like Python, Java, etc. Understand networking so make sure your bases are clear and then learn all this technology.
 What exactly the technology is? I have seen people focusing on one technology. Maybe its good! But after some time if you feel that something is not getting connected. So what else you have now right so, if you have options you know, if you know different technologies it will be helpful for you to understand which technology to select.

The second reason is why you should learn all at least the basics are? All these technologies are rated in some way, an example may be in future there will be some application which is based on blockchain and machine learning, maybe there will be some applications where you have to run your blockchain on the cloud. So if you know both, it will be an advantage for you, of course, your mastery will be at one place but if you know the surrounding path it will be helpful for you to excel in Diaghilev field.

Some people cannot multitask, so let's say you are walking on Python, then complete the entire Python first. If then I will learn blockchain, that's how you will learn the basics and then it will click. 
After learning machine learning what projects you can build? So that's how you can serve a technology, there are so many options: don't just believe in one person, if someone says go for machine learning, go for blockchain, don't do that. Learn everything and then decide one, which you want to go for. Take your own decision as both of them will be demanded in the coming years.

Source: HOB